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There's a reason we offer such an awesome guarantee. Out of several thousand students who have gone through Online Ground School over the last six years, we've only paid for a handful of Checkrides. Why? Because we make sure that the materials cover everything my students need (and more!) to pass.


Nervous you're missing
key details needed to pass your Checkride?
You aren’t alone…

You love flying. 

Your phone is filled with screenshots of your favorite planes, you listen to pilot led podcasts every day, and at home you have a queue of flight videos waiting for you to watch them.

You rave about flying so much your partner can talk like a pilot just from being around you.

You live, breathe, and love aviation and are ready to start flying yourself-the only thing holding you up? 

You worry you won’t pass the checkride and written exam. Or worse-you don’t even know what they are or that there is a test in the first place!

The traditional ways to learn what’s needed to pass the Checkride and written exam focus on rote memorization...

And that simply doesn't work (and isn't safe)!

So...What’s the Checkride and written exam?

The Checkride and written exam are tests aspiring pilots take to get FAA certified. 

How important are these tests?

These tests are everything for a pilot. Why? Because, your Checkride influences if you will be able to get a career in aviation (if you plan to fly professionally) and they remain on your personal record forever!

Fail these and you’ll never get a chance to check locations off your flying bucket list...and you’re out $600+!

What’s worse is you can just pick up a book and study your way to a passing grade. The Checkride and written exam need you to have access to specially prepared materials in order to pass-which most ground schools simply don’t provide. 

In fact over 80% of the people who start flight lessons never finish.

The traditional ways to learn what’s needed to pass the Checkride and written exam focus on memorization...And that doesn’t work! 

If you perform poorly on parts of the written exam - that’s where they’ll push you the hardest on the Checkride.

The Checkride and written exam are comprehensive tests you can’t just memorize your way to pass.

What’s important to understand is that the Checkride and the written exam challenge you in two completely different ways. 

The written exam focuses on your ability to recall key details quickly and provide the right answers within X minutes (<-- Put the time they give you to take the test there).

After the written exam a flight instructor reviews your answers and you begin your checkride. There you’ll be expected to properly pilot the plane, remember and execute all the proper protocols, and do it all while answering multiple quick fire questions from your flight instructor.

Why tell you this? Simple. You need to know you can’t just study for one and hope to do well in the other!

To pass your checkride and written exam you need a ground school that’s developed detailed instruction-anyone can follow-for both parts of the test.

Why? Because the instructor giving your test isn’t there to help you. In fact if you perform poorly on parts of the written exam-that’s where they’ll push you the hardest on the checkride.

Starting to think passing is impossible?

It's not.

Passing sound impossible? It’s not.

In fact we’ve helped over 18,000+ students pass their Checkrides WITHOUT spending hundreds of extra hours studying, losing sleep worrying they’ll pass, or showing up feeling unprepared-even if they had ZERO experience flying before hand.

How? Simple. We take a counterintuitive approach when developing our online ground school. Our materials are built by pilots and flight instructors for students ready to become pilots. 

Look - if you plan to pass your tests you need something more than manuals and miscellaneous checklists to make. The problem isn’t access to information-there’s plenty out there.


The problem is finding a well taught, comprehensive course developed by actual pilots and flight trainers you can use to pass your Checkride and written exam. 

Thankfully, we can help. How?

With the Aviation Mastery Method.


When I became a pilot over a decade ago passing the checkride was something only the most enthusiastic aviation nerds could do.

It was grueling! You were forced to study for hours, memorizing every detail you could in the hope you knew enough to pass the test. The materials available then (and a lot of what's available now) didn’t lay out what mattered most. 

That’s why I decided to create The Aviation Mastery Method. I knew I wanted to take a completely different approach to creating a ground school that not only helped make it easier for aspiring pilots-no matter their experience in aviation-pass their tests AND develop a lifelong passion for learning about flying.

My goal for you, as a student of The Aviation Mastery Method, is simple:

I want you to become the safest pilots possible, pass your Checkride, and become part of a community of safe pilots who are always learning.

To accomplish that, we focus on the three main principles of The Aviation Mastery Method, which boil down to this:

#1 - Mastering the Art of Teaching
As Online Ground School instructors, we recognize that even though the content may be different, what we do is the same as what teachers and professors do - at least, if we're doing it right. So, we treat our students as exactly that - students - and meet them where they're at by employing proven teaching methods with options for all types of learners and designing our curriculum in a way that builds on itself in a logical manner. Doing the right things in the right order is a key to developing lifetime mastery in any subject.

#2 - Encouragement Through Community
Students crave engagement, which is why we decided to create a private online community for aspiring pilots, current pilots, flight instructors, and experts on our team. It's a great place to go when you have questions, want to find study/accountability partners, are looking for insider information, or just want to share your passion and develop friendships with people who share it all over the world. We feel that this community contributes a great deal in supporting our students to succeed.

#3 - Top Gun Training Tactics
The Top Gun System is a program the navy uses to train pilots. It's one of the most elite programs in the world and, well, kinda a big deal. Most importantly - it's VERY effective in training skilled, masterful, and safe pilots. We've employed key psychological tactics from the program to motivate you to do your best, no matter how you feel, every single day. This includes - but isn't limited to - purposeful practice, well-defined goals, and developing & implementing focus.

We can all agree:
The airplane is a terrible classroom.

There's no room for error, it’s expensive, and it can be hard to learn from your mistakes.

With our online Ground School,
you have all the resources you need to become a safe pilot while on the ground.

The lessons are tailored to help you learn.
The order they're in builds on what you already know,
By focusing on learning the right things the first time,
you make it easier to pass your exams faster!



Take your training with you using our fully mobile optimized site to access 500+ videos covering all of these topics:

Private Pilot Ground School

  • Lesson 1: The Airplane
  • Lesson 2: Instruments
  • Lesson 3: Intro to Aerodynamics
  • Lesson 4: Welcome to the Airport
  • Lesson 5: Your first flight
  • Lesson 6: Radio Communications
  • Lesson 7: Emergencies
  • Lesson 8: Take offs & Landings
  • Lesson 9: Airspace
  • Lesson 10: Charts & Publications
  • Lesson 11: Systems
  • Lesson 12: Weather
  • Lesson 13: Textual Weather
  • Lesson 14: Rules to fly by
  • Lesson 15: Flight Maneuvers
  • Lesson 16: ADM & Aeromedical principles
  • Lesson 17: Cross Country Flying
  • Lesson 18: Private Pilot Mock Checkride
  • Lesson 19: Post checkride

Instrument Pilot Ground School

  • Lesson 1: What Is Instrument Flying?
  • Lesson 2: Aeromedical Factors
  • Lesson 3: How Our Instruments
  • Work/Scanning
  • Lesson 4: Departure
  • Lesson 5: Enroute
  • Lesson 6: Approaches
  • Lesson 7: Physical Weather
  • Lesson 8: Textual Weather
  • Lesson 9: Decision Making
  • Lesson 10: IFR Flight Planning
  • Lesson 11: Inflight Emergencies
  • Lesson 12: Your IFR Checkride

Commercial Pilot Ground School

  • Lesson 1: Aerodynamics
  • Lesson 2: Weight and Load Factor
  • Lesson 3: Weather
  • Lesson 4: Airport Operations
  • Lesson 5: Airspace
  • Lesson 6: Route Planning
  • Lesson 7: ADM and Aeromedical
  • Lesson 8: Systems
  • Lesson 9: Performance Charts
  • Lesson 10: Flight Maneuvers
  • Lesson 11: Inflight Emergencies
  • Lesson 12: Rules and Regulations
  • Lesson 13: Your Checkride

Fundamentals of Instruction

  • Lesson 1: Human Behavior
  • Lesson 2: The Learning Process
  • Lesson 3: Effective Communication
  • Lesson 4: The Teaching Process
  • Lesson 5: Assessments
  • Lesson 6: Planning Instructional Activity
  • Lesson 7: Instructor Responsibilities and Professionalism
  • Lesson 8: Techniques of Flight Instruction
  • Lesson 9: Risk Management


Jason is the founder of and Online Ground School, which all started when Jason created an website for himself to reference his own notes and study material while training to become a pilot himself. 

He has amassed over 10,000 hours of in-flight instruction since learning how to fly, is a CFII and ATP rated pilot, and was was named AOPA's Top Collegiate Flight Instructor in 2008, Outstanding Flight Instructor of 2014 and 2015. 

He created the materials in Online Ground School and continues to update them as well as provide Live Trainings weekly for members. 


Hear directly from Jason about why MzeroA's Online Ground School
is the best option available for aspiring pilots. 


Why choose Online Ground School?

Good question.


MzeroA’s Online Ground School is more than just a course. It's a community of aviation enthusiasts working together to make safer pilots all across the world. We do this by  constantly updating the course as soon as changes come out.


We are so sure that The Aviation Mastery Method will work for you that we guarantee you'll pass your Checkride and written exams - or we'll pay for them ourselves!


We know passing your Checkride and written exam are about doing the right work the first time around, learning the material in an order where each new lesson builds on the last, and focusing on the things that make you a safer pilot - not random numbers and data.


As a member, you'll be surrounded with other like-minded students and pilots who enjoy these benefits:

The Aviation Mastery Method
Our proprietary training method that combines the science of learning with aviation education to make sure you learn the material faster, retain it longer, and breakthrough inevitable learning plateaus. Our course and team has designed every word spoken or written in this course to leverage the latest & greatest methods from the science of learning to ensure you become the smartest and safest pilot you can be. 

Comprehensive Course Access
Rather than being forced to choose one specific area of study, Online Ground School Members have access to all courses: Private, Instrument, Commercial, FOI, and more. Why? The answer is simple: We’re all about mastery here at MzeroA. Students working on one certificate might have missed, or simply need to brush up on, topics from another in order to truly master their current field of study. This allows members to go back and forth between courses as needed, or even work ahead. 

Ask any current or alumni member what their favorite aspects of Online Ground School are and I promise each one will mention the “family” like atmosphere. As a member of the MzeroA Family, you’ll be in community with not only our CFIs, but also with other pilots just as enthusiastic and goal-oriented in their path to Aviation Mastery. It’s a resource that simple can’t be topped. 

Live Instruction
Every Tuesday, on what Jason calls his ‘favorite day of the week,’  Gold and Silver Level Members are invited to a live instruction webinar. Following the theme of that month, Jason teaches for an hour on a VFR topic, followed by an hour on an IFR topic. Questions are answered and there’s a ton of interaction with Jason and other members. 

The "Passed or Paid For" Guarantee
For Gold Level Members, when it comes time for your Checkride and written exam, you’ll pass or we’ll pay for it! Out of several thousand students who have gone through Online Ground School over the last six years, we've only paid for a handful of Checkrides. Why? Because we make sure that the materials cover everything my students need (and more!) to pass.

Boot Camps
Gold Level Members enjoy Bootcamps, a special perk that includes 12 extra lessons and quizzes geared specifically toward one thing: The FAA Knowledge Test (Written Test). You’ll go into your exam knowing all the trick questions and how the math works on even the most complex weight and balance problems. This resource is just the thing to boost your score!


Interested in joining but still not sure we are right for you? I get it.

Passing your Checkride and written exam is a commitment.

Making the grade requires dedication, time, and energy. You want to make sure that when you commit to a system-it’s built for your needs and makes the most of your time.

That’s why we wanted to share who, in our experience, the MzeroA online ground school is and isn't for.


  • Looking for a resource to memorize test questions
  • Hoping to find test patterns you can use to avoid learning the real details that keep you safe
  • Wanting a silver-bullet magic-solution that keeps you from having to put in the real time and effort it takes to be a safe pilot
  • Not committed to becoming a lifelong learner in the Aviation world


  • Are excited about the prospect of piloting a plane by yourself and look forward to both learning about flying and actually flying
  • Enjoy pushing yourself outside your comfort zone to open up new opportunities to make your life bigger and more enjoyable
  • Have tried to study for the Checkride and written exam before but gave up because the materials available weren’t working for you
  • Committed to doing the work, developing the habit of always learning, and understanding how to not only pass your exams but become a great pilot

Even if this is the first time you're hearing about the Checkride and written exam...

Even if you've had trouble with studying and exams in the past (perhaps even been told you weren't good at test-taking)...

Even if you've given up in the past because the materials weren't working for you...

The Aviation Mastery Method can work for you!